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News: AC.sync
What it Does
News: AC.sync

Currently, AC.sync is only an internal project, and no public release is planned. If you are interested, please drop me a line.

What It Does

Need to make a backup to another file system? Want to upload web pages? Or download a whole tree structure from a FTP server? Or even synchronize two FTP servers without an intermediary local copy?

AC.sync can synchronize entire file systems (directory trees). One file system is the master, while the other file system is the slave. Any differences between slave and master are detected, and the necessary updates on the slave are performed. Files which are up to date are not touched.

A file system can reside on the local server, or on a remote FTP server. Any combination between local and FTP is allowed! Local - local is great for backup, while local - FTP is what you want for uploading web pages. FTP - local can be used for downloading entire directory trees from FTP servers. FTP - FTP allows you to synchronize FTP servers without an intermediary copy, thus saving time.

What happens when the FTP server is in a different time zone, and time stamps always seem to be outdated? AC.sync actively detects the time difference between file systems, and acts accordingly.