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News: AC.portfolio
What it Does
News: AC.portfolio
  • December 22nd 2002: The first internal version of AC.portfolio is complete and has been used to display "The Art of Anita Treber".

What It Does

AC.portfolio has been developed for displaying the portfolio of my wife Anita. We use the program only "at home", and currently there are no plans for a release as a product. If you are interested, please drop me a line.

Basically AC.portfolio takes a template and fills in data from a separate data file to generate HTML pages. In example, the template could define a general presentation page for one drawing, and the data file would contain information on a number of drawings.

The templates are normal HTML files which contain some special tags that are processed by AC.portfolio. The data is contained in an XML file with one or more entries. For each entry in the data file, the template is applied to generate an HTML page which can be put on the web. Forward/backward links to browse between pages are generated automatically.

In example, a template defines how all drawings should be represented. Information on the actual drawings is stored in the data file. AC.portfolio then fills the template for each drawing, creating a set of HTML pages ready for browsing on the web. To see this at work, try "The Art of Anita Treber"

      Home in the Hawai'ian Islands, the Hono or Green Sea Turtle
      occasionally rests on beaches and rocks to bask in the sun.
      The drawing catches a peaceful moment, a turtle lying on
      volcanic rocks that have formed a tranquil pool in the background.
    <material>Pencil, paper</material>
    <technique>Pencil on paper</technique>
    <date>Summer 2001</date>

The advantage of using AC.portfolio: To change the layout of your web site, you only need to change a single template and run the program. Voila - all the generated pages change in one go, avoiding time consuming and error prone manual changes. And links between pages are generated and updated automatically as well.

I actually wrote this program because I could not imagine doing all this page construction and linking by hand... Creating preview and full-size images... And then to keep the whole web site consistent... Or what if Anita would like to change the layout... Or the descriptions... A nightmare! ;-)