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AC.log Pro

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Screen Shots
Screen Shots
  • Main screen - the three steps of log file selection, analysis, and report generation.
    Note the special functions "Resolve addresses" and "Modify log files".
  • Select log files - create, delete, modify, and save sets of log files to analyse.
    Note the display of log file coverage.
  • Analyse logs - parse the selected set of log files.
    Note that compressed and uncompressed log files are accepted, and that the chronological order of logfiles is determined automatically.
  • Report: "Files" - files by number of downloads (as "Table").
    Note the columns for percentage, sum percentage, count, and sum count.
  • Report: "Files" - as before (as "Top N").
    Note the cross hair for determining exact values in a graph.
  • Report: "Files" - as before (as "Graph over Time"; period is one month).
    Note the "Previous"/"Next" buttons for comfortable stepping through time.
  • Report: "Downloaders" - countries by number of downloads (as "Hit Map").
    Note different maps can be selected (i.e., for each continent).
  • Report: "Domain" - domains by number of downloads (as "Table").
    Note the neat context functions.
  • Report: "Browsers" - browsers by number of hits (as "Table").
    Note the second order sorting for "Version", and the neat context functions.
  • Report: "Browsers" - as before, but without details (as "Table").
    Note how the information on versions has disappeared.
  • Report: "Browsers" - as before (as "Stacked Bar, Normed").
    Note that only percentages are displayed; absolute volume is not relevant.

Well, and many more things that just wait to be tried out by you!