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Get to Know Your Web Site Users

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1, 2, 3: A Usage Guide for Those in a Hurry

Congratulations! You successfully started the program, but what to do next? (In case you weren't able to get the program started, please consult the trouble shooting guide).

What is your situation?

1. Get the web server log files

The situation: You need to get the log files from the web server which serves your web pages.

What to do:

2. Create a log file set

The situation: The web server log files can be directly accessed from the computer you run AC.log Pro on (they are either saved on your local disk or somewhere on the network).

What to do:

None of these operations harm you log files, so even when you delete a set, it's just the grouping which gets deleted, not the log files in the group.

3. Analyse!

The situation: There are one or more log file sets ready to use.

What to do:

1 Yes, alternative interpretations do exist.
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