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How to install, start, deinstall

Before you install

AC.log Pro requires that the Java run time version 1.4 or higher is installed. To find out if Java (and the correct version) is installed, type in "java --version" at the command line (UNIX) or in the DOS Window (Windows). Version information should be printed, and it should read "1.4" or higher.

If Java is not installed or the version is not up to date, an installation pack for your operating system can be obtained from Sun. The download is not too big, and well worth the effort ;-)


AC.log Pro comes in a zipped package. Unzip the package into any directory you want. Under Windows, you could use PowerArchiver (was free...) or WinZip (shareware) to do the job. Under UNIX, use unzip.


You don't need to configure anything, but you might want to configure information which allows AC.log Pro to identify your own webserver(s). In the configuration directory "config/", open the webserver configuration file "configWebservers.xml" with a text or XML editor of your choice.

  <webserver domain="www.<yourDomain>" baseDir="<yourLocalDirectory>/" main="yes"/>
  <webserver domain="<yourDomain>" baseDir="<yourLocalDirectory>/"/>

There is a section that is in comments (between the "<!--" and "-->" comment tags) and therefore currently ignored (see above).

  <webserver domain="" baseDir="c:/webpages/" main="yes"/>
  <webserver domain="" baseDir="c:/webpages/"/>

If you have more than one webserver, copy the two lines for each server and make the appopiate changes. Off all entries in the file, only one can be marked as "main".


Look into the directory you unzipped the AC.log Pro package into. Windows users doubleclick aclogpro.bat, UNIX users start

If the program does not start: Do you have the Java Runtime 1.4.1 or higher installed? If not or if there is some other problem, see the trouble shooting guide.


Delete the directory you unzipped the AC.log Pro package into. That's all. If you want to keep your settings, move the subdirectory "config" to a safe place before you delete the main directory.

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