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Get to Know Your Web Site Users © 2002 Christian Treber

How it Developed
Why I Wrote It
How It Developed

1.0 Early Access (discounted) Release December 19th 2002 First publicly released version.

Why I Wrote It

Quoting myself from the AC.log web site:

"I wondered what the visitors on my website are actually doing. What I wanted was some analysis of their behaviour when they're browsing through the pages. I looked at a couple of log file analysers and found they either didn't provide what I needed or the pric was pretty steep.

So I pulled Perl out of the tool box and wrote AC.log which can be downloaded for free - "free" because I want to give back to the online community."

26,000 downloads and two years later, and surprised by the demand I decided to write an improved version with a graphical user interface. This professional product became AC.log Pro which is distributed as shareware and can be licensed at a reasonable price.