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News: AC.genealogy
What it Does
News: AC.genealogy
  • October 2002: The first internal version of AC.genealogy is complete and has been used to display our family tree on the web.

What It Does

AC.genealogy has been developed for displaying genealogical information (plain English: a family tree) on the web. While many programs do that, I found that images of people is the spice in the whole thing. While dates and places of birth, marriage, and death are interesting (the program handles that as well), I want to see couples, their parents, and their children on one page, and navigate easily between people. AC.genealogy offers that! Take a look at the result.

AC.genealogy takes a GED file (most genealogy programs can export data in this format), images of people (if you have them), and generates

Currently, AC.genealogy is only an internal project, and no public release is planned. If you are interested, please drop me a line.